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TP Process Technology

Whiat is TP Process ?

TP Process is a technology to enable forming of extraordinarily deeply-drawn shape and filling urethane foam simultaneously during the forming process.
(The planter in the right picture is produced by TP Process.)

Main Features:
--Light and yet strong
--Extraordinarily deeply-drawn shape can be formed
--High productivity
--Undercutting can be made on the surface


Mechanism of TP Process

〈 Forming Process 〉
Ordinary Blow Molding
TP Process
In TP Process, the molds are closed while pinching parison, thus enabling the machine to make products having even thickness and difficult shape.

Main Products Made by TP Process

Main products include big-size planters, tool boxes, barrel planters and cool boxes.

TP Process, in which the molds move uniquely, is worth seeing. And its products boast of excellent strength due to duo-wall construction.