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Double Blow Technology

Whiat is Double Blow ?

Double Blow Molding is a technology for forming duo-wall products.
This technology is mainly used to make such items as musical instrument cases for protection from impact because of duo-walls. It is also used to make automotive bumpers, construction machine covers etc. for weight-reduction and impact-protection.

Main Features:
--Strong against impact
--Excellent outward appearance (faithful copy of mold)
--Heat-insulating effect caused by air layer
--Good balance of thickness


Cross Sections of Products Made by Double Blow Molding


Main Products Made by Double Blow Molding

Main products include musical instrument cases, automotive bumpers, tool cases, construction machine covers, measuring instrument cases, pump components etc.

An example of application:
We changed the production method of automotive bumpers from the
conventional press process to Double Blow Molding and we could not only reduce weight but also do away with buffer attachments, resultantly obtaining the two outcomes of better performance and lower cost.