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Double Blow Technology

Whiat is Super Blow ?

Super Blow Molding is a technology to mold styrene foam (core material)
together with skin. By filling styrene foam inside,
the strength of products can be enhanced.

Main Features:
--High strength, light weight
--Outstanding heat-insulation
--Excellent sound proofing & silencing effect
--Influence from external pressure can be reduced
by its high impact proofing


Inside being filled with “hope” (styrene foam)
is the biggest feature of this technology


Super Blow Solves These Problems

1) In order to strengthen products, urethane was put into the hollow portion.
This method needed two processes—forming and filling of urethane beads, leading to high cost. Super Blow can do these two jobs by only one process and resultantly reduce production cost.

2) It is difficult to give strength to products because if strength is increased, weight is unnecessarily increased at the same time. Super Blow can give enough strength thanks to urethane foam fully filled inside even if skin is thin. Only adjustment of thickness is available for the increase of strength in case of the conventional blow molding. In case of Super Blow, however, strength can be increased by changing the magnifying power of urethane foam core material. Light and yet strong products can be produced by changing the magnifying power rather than the increase of skin thickness.
(Because of wide range of adjustment, Super Blow can be applied to various kinds of products.

Main Products Made by Super Blow

Main products at the moment include ceilings of modular bath, car bumpers,
cargo-decks of cart, ceilings of agricultural machine, parts of house-related equipment, etc. Super Blow is a technology in the course of development and still unknown as to what extent it can do. So, please feel free to contact us if you have any opinion or request. Your idea will widen the future of Super Blow.